God and the Democrats

Early in the 2016 election Mary Cobert, Dr. Don Colbert wife meet Mark Taylor of the Trump prophecies, based on Marks prophecy the Colberts started supporting Trump, Mary led by Holy Spirit started intercessors group to pray for Trump which numbered over 100,000 believe. Saw her on Charisma Podcast with Steve Strang, Mary said God had led her to have her intercessors group pray for the Democratic Party, which they have been doing, not sure right now as election nears and candidates are almost selected.

So that is one thing another is this,

Humbly to God and God’s Son the Lord Jesus as you were praying for Virginia and I know Gen Lee appreciated that and the man prayed for the Governor that someone with access to him would speak a Wword to the Gov that would change him saw a lit match surrounded by a group of matches and fire swept through the matches as they were gathered round went from top in a counterclockwise sweep and lit all the matches to God be the Glory God bless in Christ honored this day to be a part God bless James Reid Ross

Message sent to a pastor as was watching his service and they were gathered for prayer. Believe God had compassion on the Governor on those who don’t know their right from their left and was touched by the mans desire that the Governor receive a word to help him make right decisions imop doesn’t mean that God approves of the policies of Virginia but does mean he hasn’t given up on the Democrats the people.

Another time was reading a post by a lady on Facebook said she had a dream or vision where the Lord Jesus was riding a red wave. My first thought was communism but she was startled by that but we know the Republicans are the red states, so could be either but sometimes first thoughts are the ones to go with.

Rick Joyner said Larry Randolph had a visitation from the Lord Jesus that Trump would win big and have heard that from other sources, so will see.

Also one time this year or maybe late last year saw a blue eagle, and just today was listening to Kenneth Hagin healing scriptures and saw left side of congress as in joint session would be democrats they were like boxers not fighting each other just like boxing as fighters, then short time later saw Nancy Pelosi in white dress looked like she was entering a train station with a crowd there cheering her with hands raised in the air.

Anyway some thoughts on these things. Don’t believe God or Lord Jesus Christ hedge their bets but have heard fallen a few times and thought that was about prophecies that have fallen but do believe one can sometimes be an impediment to God carrying out His Plans. God bless James Reid Ross


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