Brainstorming on Scripture

The Great Deception,
A large part of the Evangelical community promote an inerrant bible despite much evidence to the contrary. I’m not very organized so this needs to be a book will probably be a paper. Here is a blog post;
Over the years since my born-again process have been listening, watching, reading and digesting all sorts of Christian media. This has been going on for some 38 years, last seven or eight been doing ministry actually all this time been doing ministry only last not employed in a secular job.
This is about scripture and some of what’s been gleaned during this time. First off don’t see how anyone can think the bible in any translation or from the manuscripts is inerrant. The manuscripts differ and it there is one error its not inerrant. This belief has been promoted and carried on by a group of men who are basically in denial of the facts. I believe a lot has to do with peer pressure and some just are so bent on God things they just can’t believe any other way. That’s not necessarily a bad thing however as a high view of scripture can lead one to success prosperity and a God directed life. Would rather have a little denial than ripping the bible apart till you basically don’t believe what you read.
Really the problems are a testimony to the facts that scripture has been copied and brought forward for the most part by people who respect scripture and haven’t altered the manuscripts to make the Gospels agree. The main problems in scripture are with the Gospels by the way the other books were written in less hectic times and sheparded by the individuals that wrote them. The church that kept the jot and tittle of the Old Testament was not so concerned about the Lord’s life even to the point of putting Him and the Apostles to death. Its no wonder that they didn’t record the events they were trying to wipe out Christianity.
Much has been made of the Chicago statement which I don’t believe says the scriptures are inerrant. RC Sproul one of the authors of that statement on one of his broadcast said that the basic truths of scripture were inerrant. I do believe the Lord’s statement on the jot and tittle meant that the Torah was inerrant and that includes Genesis folks, but has been used to mean the whole bible which is not correct. Also Paul’s writing that the scriptures were given by Inspiration was referring to the Old Testament which has been misconstrued the mean the whole bible.
Dr. J Vernon McGhee one of the great scholars of scripture made the statement that the new translations were bringing the doctrine of inerrancy into question. You have verses in one translation that are not in the other. When the NIV came out translated from older manuscripts that were not known at the time of the King James had less verses than the manuscripts the KJ was translated from.
The Septuagint insured a reliable translation of the old testament from 300 bc. If the manuscripts are not inerrant we can’t produce a known inerrant English translation. If we did produce or find inerrant manuscripts we wouldn’t know we have them except by direct revelation from God. Which is possible but then we would have to give credibility to the person that gave the revelation.
The Scriptures are the most documented reliable book that is in existence bar none. No other book has as many documents supporting it none even come close for ancient writings. This does not guarantee it’s inerrancy if the gospels in the original writing had differences the bible written would have differences however it would be inerrant as that the translation was from manuscripts that were accurate to the original writings.
Just some thoughts agree or disagree you are welcome to comment. Just trying to get at Truth for He is the Way the Truth the Life. God bless in Christ JRR,

On the surface this may ring true, there are manuscript situations to deal with as to biblical content all the manuscripts in different languages have different meaning and content.

That said do believe the Bible should not be disparaged or thought to be less than the Word of God the Logos, the Mind of God and that we should hold the scriptures in the highest esteem of any book in existence bar none.

Psalm 12:6
HEB: אִֽמֲר֣וֹת יְהוָה֮ אֲמָר֪וֹת
NAS: The words of the LORD are pure

Psalm 12:6
HEB: אִֽמֲר֣וֹת יְהוָה֮ אֲמָר֪וֹת טְהֹ֫ר֥וֹת כֶּ֣סֶף
NAS: are pure words; As silver

You have exalted Your name and Your word above all else. Berean the translations differ

but to preach the inerrancy is to be cautioned because of the differences but the greatest testament to the Word may be the description the Word gives itself to be treasured above all else but imop not to rely only on scholarship admit the problems have faith in the Scriptures but the problems may be fewer than we realize.  God bless its a difficult subject to blog about.  God bless


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